To Shake Or Not To Shake

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I keep seeing all of these different ads for protein shakes and smoothies, and it seems like there is a new one opening every week between my apartment, my job and my gym. I don’t know if I got curious or just worn down by all the advertising, but I started to pick one up, and pretty soon it became my post workout routine. Naturally, I figured I was doing something healthy for myself, and I didn’t really think about it when I casually mentioned it to the personal trainer in Miami I had hired.

He took a few minutes after our session was over and showed me online just what I was putting in my body. Sure, there were some healthy things in these shakes, and there were certainly worse things I could be drinking, but the amount of sugar, sodium and empty calories was appalling. In some cases, I would have been better off stopping for a fast food breakfast sandwich. That was when he gave me the good news.

It was easy to make healthy shakes at home, and he encouraged it as part of my NoDaysOFF. If I watched what I was using, I could control how much good (and how little bad) I was doing to myself. Now the boot camp fitness Miami classes he has me taking are doing more than just counteracting the bad-for-me shakes and smoothies I had been drinking. It just shows another reason why finding the right personal trainer in Miami is the best way to living a healthy lifestyle.