The Unintended Benefits Of Boot Camp Fitness

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I had been following a pretty stable workout regimen for the last two years, and although I enjoyed it, I knew that it was getting a little stale. When my job transferred me to Miami, I decided that was a good time to mix it up a little bit. A lot of people had been talking about boot camp and Miami seemed to have a lot of gyms offering it, so I put aside my usual disdain for taking fitness classes and joined in.

I learned two things out that first night. The first one was that even though I had been working with a personal trainer, Miami let me know that I was not in the shape I thought I was in! It was tough, but fair. The instructor did a great job of helping people of different levels make quick alterations so they could continue at their own pace and still be an active part of the class.

The second thing I learned was what I had been missing working out at my old gym back home: the sense of camaraderie. Everyone in the class was really supportive, and even though we were all working hard (some harder than others), people were laughing, talking, cheering each other on, and it made the time go by quicker and the class seem easier.

I’ve been back to the same class every week for a month, and not only do I feel like I’m in better shape than I have been in a year, I’m also meeting people in my new city a lot quicker than I thought I would, and that helps too.