Myths about Women and Intense Workouts: Debunked

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Unfortunately, there are still many misconceptions out there about women and working out. Many photos of female athletes are doctored or only show one kind of fitness. The truth is, what you look like in the full swing of physical fitness and muscle building all depends on that kind of workouts you are doing, the type of sports you are playing, and the frequency of your routine. That shouldn’t be too much of a surprise – your workout determines your results. Sounds simple enough, right? That’s not even mentioning input and output of calories.

Many people, including women, believe that working out too much or doing certain types of workouts can cause them to bulk up like female body builders, for example, and they are not interested in having that body type. When we take into account what female dancers, swimmers, wrestlers, kickboxers, etc. all look like side by side in celebrity images, there’s a huge difference in where the muscle is really developing most. This is all dependent on the workout!

A gym like Legacy Fit understands that, and that’s why personal training programs are so vital. Walking into a gym armed with nothing but drive and a little bit of research from the internet is not a bad start, but if you really want the results you are craving, bringing your concerns to a knowledgeable expert is important. Getting that guidance can be the difference between satisfaction and dissatisfaction after a few weeks of working.

Miami has a gift in Legacy Fit. There’s no other place that so obviously prizes the concept of integrating mental health and physical fitness into your life beyond your gym days. There are NoDaysOFF when it comes to your health, and certainly not from continuing to expand your own understanding of what you and your body are capable of when challenged.