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Sports performance depends entirely on how hard you are willing to work in your down time on attuning your mind and body to the challenge. Preparation is the most vital element in the mix; if you go onto the field unprepared, you will not be able to get the best performance out of your body or your mind. The saying “get your head in the game” carries a lot of weight because it carries truth. If your head isn’t there, you aren’t, either. The benefits of rigorous training on both the body and the mind have been published over and over again, and the studies are intense and endless.

Your brain controls everything that you do, and physical fitness has a great effect on it. Legacy Fit is a gym that not only understands this, but integrates this concept into every tier. NoDaysOFF means exactly that – there are no days off when you are taking care of yourself, and working on creating your best self. Keeping your body challenged physically helps you get the greatest sports performance and day to day functioning that it’s capable of, and this can be achieved through group training or personal training – whatever helps you feel more connected to your physical fitness experience.

Building that mindset of setting lofty goals and working one day at a time to achieve them sets you up for mental success as well. It helps you realize what it is you are capable of achieving. The patience, stamina and confidence you can create just by sticking to a difficult routine and overcoming it – that’s something that has no price tag. That’s what gives you the inexhaustible drive to continue becoming a better athlete and a better, more capable person in all that you do.