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Like most ten year old boys these days, my son would seemingly rather spend a week in front of his PlayStation or computer or tablet than be outside for an hour. The beauty of living in South Florida seems to be lost on him sometimes. His mother and I do what we can to encourage a healthy lifestyle with physical activity by enrolling in him team sports, but sometimes it didn’t seem like it was enough to make a difference. His interest didn’t seem to change, until it became a personal competition.

I had forgotten about the Presidential Fitness tests we used to take in elementary school, but it looks like they still do them. After the first round of testing, he seemed upset that he hadn’t scored so well. Fortunately, he also seemed motivated, and I figured this would be a good way to get us both into living a healthy lifestyle. I got in touch with his P.E. teacher at school and had her email me a copy of the test. She also included a number of different exercises that would help create better results.

Before I put my plan in action, I tried the test on my own. To say I failed would be putting it nicely. I knew it would take more than just the few nights a week I had set aside for my son and I, so I looked at the Miami gyms in my area and found one with a great personal training program. Between those sessions and the time I spent with my kid, we both passed the test with flying colors this spring.