Breaking Up With Routine

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So many people go to the gym with a laser focus on achieving results and blinders to the rest of what engaging in a healthy lifestyle can do for them. The problem is what happens when they reach them. People focus on losing a specific number of pounds or lifting a certain amount of weight, but once they get there – if they get there – they don’t know what to do. With nothing more to look forward to, they start to slip away from regularly going to the gym, and soon they start giving back the results they earned.

I tell my clients that instead of focusing on something in the future, they need to look at what they are doing today. A healthy lifestyle certainly means maintaining a proper body weight and being active, but it is much more than that. It’s an everyday thing, and they need to understand that, so more often than not, I tell them I’m breaking up with them.

Working out can be so much more than lifting weights and going to boot camp. Miami is known for so many outdoor activities that are active, like windsurfing, rollerblading and swimming. If people keep their working out separate from the rest of their life, they won’t make the changes they need to keep the weight off once they lose it.

What makes my clients buy into it is the understanding they aren’t doing it so they can be the next Dwayne Wade or Dan Marino. They want a healthy lifestyle for the simple reasons: to be happy in their day to day life. That’s why I make sure they go out and live it, so they remember what all the effort is for.